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Special Volume 3 (2012) Soils, Sediments and Landscapes of Dwelling: Geoarchaeology and the Symmetrical Project Abstract   PDF
Nikos Kourampas
Special Volume 3 (2012) Spatial Information Technologies and Landscape Archaeology: Past Problems and Future Directions Abstract   PDF
Kenneth L. Kvamme
Special Volume (6) 2016 Spatial Metaphors of the Ancient World: Theory and Practice Abstract   PDF
Fabian Horn, Cilliers Breytenbach, Camilla Di Biase-Dyson, Markus Egg, Therese Fuhrer, Verena Lobsien, Renate Schlesier, Jan Stenger, Beatrice Trînca
Special Volume 3 (2012) Staying Home or Staying with your Cattle? Different Reactions to Environmental Changes in the Late Bronze Age of the Lower Don Area (Southern Russia) Abstract   PDF
Leon van Hoof, Ortwin Dally, Marlen Schlöffel
Special Volume 2 (2012) Steamed or Boiled: Identity and Value in Food Preparation Abstract   PDF
Christine Hastorf
Special Volume 3 (2012) Survey Strategy in Disturbed Landscapes: A Case Study from the Nile Delta Abstract   PDF
Joanne Rowland, Rebecca Phillipps
Special Volume 3 (2012) Surveying the Complexity: A Global Approach to Italian Landscapes Abstract   PDF
Marinella Pasquinucci, Simonetta Menchelli
Volume 3 (2014) The Centrality of Aleppo and its Environs Abstract   PDF
Daniel Knitter, Oliver Nakoinz, Roswitha Del Fabbro, Kay Kohlmeyer, Brigitta Schütt, Michael Meyer
Special Volume (6) 2016 The Coming of Iron in a Comparative Perspective Abstract   PDF
Wiebke Bebermeier, Markolf Brumlich, Violetta Cordani, Salvatore de Vincenzo, Heidemarie Eilbracht, Jörg Klinger, Enrico Lehnhardt, Michael Meyer, Stephan G. Schmid, Brigitta Schütt, Michael Thelemann, Matthias Wemhoff
Special Volume 2 (2012) The Complexities of Home Cooking: Public Feasts and Private Meals Inside the Çatalhöyük House Abstract   Ohne Titel ()   PDF
Katheryn Twiss
Special Volume (6) 2016 The Digital Atlas of Innovations: A Research Program on Innovations in Prehistory and Antiquity Abstract   PDF
Svend Hansen, Jürgen Renn, Florian Klimscha, Jochen Büttner, Barbara Hellwing, Sebastian Kruse
Special Volume (6) 2016 The Early History of Weighing Technology from the Perspective of a Theory of Innovation Abstract   PDF
Jochen Büttner, Jürgen Renn
Special Volume 3 (2012) The Elaborated Ancient Water Supply System of Resafa. Risk and Uncertainty of Water Harvesting in the Syrian Desert Steppe Abstract   PDF
Brian Beckers, Jonas Berking, Brigitta Schütt
Special Volume (6) 2016 The Gaze to Heaven: On the Topopoetics of the Body-Soul Relationship in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period Abstract   PDF
Vera Lobsien, Bernd Roling, Cornelia Selent
Special Volume 3 (2012) The Geology and Papyrology of Hermopolis and Antinoopolis Abstract   PDF
Judith Bunbury, Myrto Malouta
Special Volume 3 (2012) The Harbour of Pergamum – Coastal Evolution of the Bay of Elaia (NW Turkey) Abstract   PDF
Martin Seeliger, Helmut Brückner, Stefan Feuser, Felix Pirson
Vol 8 (2019) The Hinterland of Nikaia/Nicaea/Iznik. Analyzing the Hellenistic, Roman, and Late Antique Bithynian Landscape through Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques Abstract   PDF
Barbora Weissova, Robin Brigand, Silvia Polla
Special Volume 3 (2012) The Impact of Agricultural Practices and Water Management in the Eastern Spanish Coast during the Iron Age and Roman Periods: Methodological Approaches and First Results Abstract   PDF
Hector A. Orengo
Special Volume 3 (2012) The Lower Danube Valley through the Holocene: Environmental Changes and Their Geoarchaeological Implications Abstract   PDF
Dirk Nowacki, Jürgen Wunderlich
Special Volume (6) 2016 The Meaning of Ancient Words for ‘Earth’: An Exercise in Visualizing Colexification on a Semantic Map Abstract   PDF
Thanasis Georgakopoulos, Daniel A. Werning, Jörg Hartlieb, Tomoki Kitazumi, Lidewij E. van de Peut, Annette Sundermeyer, Gaëlle Chantrain
Volume 3 (2014) The Navigability of the River Ebro: A Reason for Roman Territorial Planning in the Ebro Valley Abstract   PDF
Pepa Castillo
Special Volume 3 (2012) The Neolithic on the Move: High Resolution Settlement Dynamics Investigations and Their Impact on Archaeological Landscape Studies in Southwest Azerbaijan Abstract   PDF
Andrea Ricci, Barbara Helwing, Tevekkül Aliyev
Special Volume 3 (2012) The Pyramid Complexes and the Ancient Landscape of Dahshur/Egypt Abstract   PDF
Nicole Alexanian, Wiebke Bebermeier, Dirk Blaschta, Arne Ramisch
Special Volume 3 (2012) The Reconstruction of a Buried Maas River Landscape near Lomm, (Limburg, The Netherlands) Using a Multi-Disciplinary Approach; Human Adaption to Landscape Changes Abstract   PDF
Johanna A.A. Bos, Frieda S. Zuidhoff, Kirsten van Kappel, Danny A. Gerrets
Special Volume 3 (2012) The Structuring of the Landscape in the Low Padua Plain (Italy) during Roman Times: New Contributions from an Archaeomorphological Study of the Territory Abstract   PDF
Michele Matteazzi
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