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Special Volume 1 (2011) CSG-II, Culture Theory and Its Genealogies Abstract   PDF (Deutsch) (Deutsch)   PDF (Deutsch)
Iris Därmann
Special Volume 1 (2011) C-IV Ancient City Spaces. Conceptions of Urban Space in Literature, Architecture, and Art Abstract   PDF (Deutsch) (Deutsch)   PDF (Deutsch)
Jan Stenger
Special Volume 1 (2011) B-II-2 Regional Milieus and the Power of the State in Egypt Abstract   PDF (DEUTSCH) (Deutsch)   PDF (DEUTSCH)
Stefan Esders, Jochem Kahl
Special Volume 1 (2011) B-IV Applied Historical Geography Abstract   PDF (DEUTSCH) (Deutsch)   PDF (DEUTSCH)
Klaus Geus, Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum, Jörg Klinger, Silvia Polla, Simona Lamante, Jan Stenger, Johannes Helmrath
Special Volume 1 (2011) C-II Images Abstract   PDF (DEUTSCH) (Deutsch)   PDF (DEUTSCH)
Dominik Bonatz, Johanna Fabricius
Special Volume 1 (2011) A-III Archäometrie/Archäoinformatik Abstract   PDF (DEUTSCH) (Deutsch)   PDF (DEUTSCH)
Michael Meyer
Vol 6 (2017) A Landscape Archaeological Approach to Link Human Activities to Past Landscape Change in the Built-up Area of the Late Bronze Age Enclosure Corneşti-Iarcuri, Western Romania Abstract   PDF
Moritz Nykamp, Daniel Knitter, Bernhard S. Heeb, Alexandru Szentmiklosi, Rüdiger Krause, Brigitta Schütt
Volume 3 (2014) A Multi-Isotopic Approach to the Reconstruction of Prehistoric Mobility and Economic Patterns in the West Eurasian Steppes 3500 to 300 BC Abstract   PDF
Claudia Gerling
Special Volume 3 (2012) A Near Eastern Megalithic Monument in Context Abstract   PDF
Mike Freikman
Special Volume 3 (2012) A Preliminary Model of Upper Pleistocene Landscape Evolution in the Wadi Sabra (Jordan) Based on Geoarchaeological Investigations Abstract   PDF
Manuel Bertrams, Jens Protze, Daniel Schyle, Nicole Klasen, Jürgen Richter, Frank Lehmkuhl
Special Volume 1 (2011) A-I Central Places and Their Environment – Preliminary Results from the Research Group Abstract   PDF (ENGLISH) (Deutsch)   PDF
Brigitta Schütt, Michael Meyer
Special Volume 1 (2011) A-II Spatial Effects of Technological Innovations and Changing Ways of Life Abstract   PDF (DEUTSCH) (Deutsch)   PDF
Reinhard Bernbeck, Elke Kaiser, Hermann Parzinger, Susan Pollock, Wolfram Schier
Special Volume 3 (2012) Alpine Summer Farms – Upland Animal Husbandry and Land Use Strategies in the Bernese Alps (Switzerland) Abstract   PDF
Brigitte Andres
Special Volume 4 (2015) An Integrated Workflow for Dealing with Prehistoric Landscapes: Reconstructing Structures, Relationships, and Places Abstract   PDF
Laura Morabito
Special Volume 4 (2015) An integrative approach for an integrated exploitation of natural resources: 'villae' and karstic environment around Banassac (France) in the Roman period Abstract   PDF
Audrey Roche
Special Volume 3 (2012) Analysing the Rural Landscape around Pompeii before the Eruption of Somma-Vesuvius in AD 79 Abstract   Untitled ()   PDF
Sebastian Vogel, Domenico Esposito, Florian Seiler, Michael Märker
Special Volume (6) 2016 Ancient Colonization of Marginal Habitats. A Comparative Analysis of Case Studies from the Old World Abstract   PDF
Wiebke Bebermeier, Dennis Beck, Iris Gerlach, Torsten Klein, Daniel Knitter, Kay Kohlmeyer, Jan Krause, Dirce Marzoli, Julia Meister, Bernd Müller-Neuhof, Claudia Näser, Philipp von Rummel, Dorothée Sack, Stephan G. Schmid, Brigitta Schütt, Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt
Special Volume 4 (2015) Ancient Rock Quarries in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka Abstract   PDF
Thusitha Wagalawatta, Wiebke Bebermeier, Daniel Knitter, Kay Kohlmeyer, Brigitta Schütt
Special Volume 3 (2012) Ancient Rural Managements and Their Impact on the Landscape in Southern Syria Abstract   PDF
Chadi Hatoum
Special Volume (6) 2016 Ancient Studies and the Changing Face of Urbanism. The History of Science and Current Perspectives in Dialogue Abstract   PDF
Susanne Muth, Claudia Tiersch, Eva Winter, Christian Freigang, Therese Fuhrer, Felix Mundt, Stephan G. Schmid, Ulrich Schmitzer, Monika Trümper, Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt
Volume 2 (2012/2013) Ancient Water Harvesting Methods in the Drylands of the Mediterranean and Western Asia Abstract   PDF
Brian Beckers, Jonas Berking, Brigitta Schütt
Special Volume 3 (2012) Archaeobotanical Investigations in the Trans-Urals (Siberia) - The Vegetation History Abstract   PDF
Astrid Stobbe, Arie Joop Kalis
Special Volume 5 (2015) Archäologische Reviere. Individuelle Forschungsräume in der Ur- und Frühgeschichtlichen Archäologie Abstract   PDF
Susanne Grunwald
Special Volume (6) 2016 Authenticity and Communication Abstract   PDF
Friederike Fless, Bernhard Graf, Ortwin Dally, Ute Franke, Christine Gerbich, Dominik Lengyel, Matthias Knaut, Claudia Näser, Bénédicte Savoy, Laura Katharina Steinmüller, Katharina Steudtner, Moritz Taschner, Catherine Toulouse, Stefan Weber
Special Volume 5 (2015) Begriffene Welt und das (verborgene) Wissen um und über Räume Abstract   PDF
Ralf Leipold
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