Wissensräume, Raumwissen und Wissensordnungen. Historisch-kulturwissenschaftliche Forschungen zum Korrelat Raum – Wissen

Claudia Anna Gräßner


The article reviews the annual conference „Places – Hierarchies – Oscillations. Spatialisation through Knowledge and Spatial Structure of Knowledge“ hosted by the HKFZ Trier. After summarizing the symposium’s questions, the conference contributions are discussed to connectivity and debatable subjects for the literature- and art-historically as well as cultural-scientific oriented research projects in Topoi’s post-ancient investigations. Finally, the article analyses analogies and generalizes insights, which are gathered from the conference and their different disciplinal-anchored contributions concerning the allunderlying correlative space – knowledge.

Knowledge spaces; knowledge hierarchies; oscillation; transformation; spatial perception; places; spatialisation; production of space; ancient spaces


Knowledge spaces; knowledge hierarchies; oscillation; transformation; spatial imagination; spatial perception; places; spatialisation (production of space); ancient spaces

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