The Trialectics of Knowledge, Space and Identity in Ancient Civilizations and in the Study of Antiquity

Jörg Klinger, Kerstin P. Hofmann, Reinhard Bernbeck, Lily Grozdanova, Federico Longo, Ulrike Peter, Stefan Schreiber, Felix Wiedemann


Topoi research group B-4 Space – Identity – Locality focuses its research on the interconnections between knowledge, space and identities. A multiplicity of sources – texts, images, architecture and objects – are analyzed both in their historical context and for their historiographic value. Following a brief description of the projects, key concepts of knowledge, space and identity are outlined as they relate to our specific research themes. We use ‘trialectics’ to emphasize that knowledge, space and identity constitute and influence each other. Concrete configurations of this constantly changing interplay of factors are illustrated by two case studies – the ritual compositions from Kizzuwatna (present southern Turkey) and the coin hoard of Krepost (present Bulgaria).


Numismatics; Hittites; knowledge; identity; ritual; space

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