Economic Space. On the Analysis and Interpretation of Pottery Production and Distribution

Michael Meyer, Małgorzata Daszkiewicz, Gerwulf Schneider, Reinhard Bernbeck, Bernhard S. Heeb, Morten Hegewisch, Kay Kohlmeyer, Claudia Näser, Silvia Polla, Erdmute Schultze, Fleur Schweigart, David A. Warburton


Ceramics are particularly well suited for investigating general patterns of the distribution of premodern products. Archaeometric methods, used to determine raw materials and production techniques, permit the identification of places of production. The work of the research group presented here pursues two objectives: (i) to investigate the usefulness of portable X-ray fluorescence equipment for the analysis of ceramics and (ii) to identify, interpret and study distribution areas of ceramic products in comparative prospective. The paper discusses key economic concepts, sets out the archaeometric methodology and presents initial results in the context of two examples.


Economy; production; exchange; value; infrastructure; archaeometry; archaeoceramology; distribution

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