eTopoi. Journal for Ancient Studies

Volume 1 (2011)

Special Volume 1 (2011): Friederike Fless, Gerd Graßhoff, Michael Meyer (eds.), Reports of the Research Groups at the Topoi Plenary Session 2010

Special Volume 2 (2012): Susan Pollock (ed.), Between Feasts and Daily Meals. Toward an Archaeology of Commensal Spaces

Special Volume 3 (2012): Wiebke Bebermeier, Robert Hebenstreit, Elke Kaiser, Jan Krause (eds.), Landscape Archaeology. Proceedings of the International Conference Held in Berlin, 6th – 8th June 2012


eTopoi is a bilingual magazine which is published by the Excellence Cluster Topoi. It is an open access periodical, and all articles are available as PDF documents free of charge. eTopoi provides a forum of exchange between all disciplines in the area of classical and ancient studies, from pre- and early history to Egyptology and Near Eastern studies, to classical archaeology, classical philosophy, linguistics, literary studies, theories of science, and theology, and extending to other disciplines as well.

Envisioned for inclusion in particular are articles dealing with the shaping and transformation of spatial structures and knowledge systems in ancient societies, as well as with perceptions of and reflections on these phenomena. The focus is on innovative forms of interdisciplinary collaboration, including geoscientific-archaeological projects and ones in computational archaeology, in the history of knowledge, and in historical geography. The magazine hence mirrors the orientations of both research institutes, the disciplines they represent, and the networks of partner institutions with which they are affiliated. It is available as a platform to all interested researchers worldwide.



  • Individual contributions from the above-named disciplines
  • Research Reports from projects of the Excellence Cluster Topoi
  • Publications from conferences organized by the Excellence Cluster Topoi
  • eTopoi Reviews: book features and reviews of literature dealing with spatial aspects of ancient societies
  • eTopoi Conference Reports: reports on conferences organized by the excellence cluster Topoi and other research institutes

Volume 2 (2012/2013)

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Die Controversia de alluvione bei Gromatikern und Juristen PDF (Deutsch)
Pepa Castillo Pascual
Charles Robert Cockerell: Reisen durch reale und virtuelle Räume im Werk eines Archäologen-Architekten PDF (Deutsch)
Katalin Schober
Zur Archäologie und Landschaftsentwicklung im Turano-Tal (Sabiner Berge), Italien PDF (Deutsch)
Salvatore De Vincenzo, Christian Domdey, Philipp Hoelzmann, Daniel Knitter, Katja Moede, Markus Müller, Felix Obeloer
Die unvollendete Sonnenuhr von der Agora der Italiker auf Delos PDF (Deutsch)
Elisabeth Rinner, Bernhard Fritsch, Gerd Graßhoff
Gesicht und Schrift. Die Erzählung von Jenseitsreisen in Antike und Mittelalter PDF
Maximilian Benz
Ancient Water Harvesting Methods in the Drylands of the Mediterranean and Western Asia PDF
Brian Beckers, Jonas Berking, Brigitta Schütt
Gefährlich und nutzlos? Kritik an Philosophie und Rhetorik im klassischen Athen PDF
Jan Dreßler


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